Friday, 5 November 2010

Friday Bang Fuck

Friday Bang Fuck

Wake up

Bang Fuck Friday

It your time today

Friday Bang fuck

Overwhelming regret

Never felt so good

I want some Friday

In my cereal.

That’s right

Friday Bang Fuck

Dead celebrities

Make me smile

Bill Murray makes me want

Makes me want to dine

In your restaurant chain

Uncork that wine

Terrorize conventional thought

It’s ok

Get on your pyjamas

Go to court

Who gives a fuck

What you wear to fucking court?

Do it like MJ

Friday Friday

Friday Bang Fuckin

Friday bang fuckin’ your face

I am a pigeon

Shitting on you the Prime Minister

Bang Fuck

I want to shit on the President

Bang fuck his face

Friday Bang Fuck

That's right

Heal heal heal

Like a 10 minute microwavable meal

Friday bang fuck

Friday bang fuckin’ your beautiful ears

It’s Friday

Bang fuck time.


that was poem by Mojo

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